At PAT Test Specialist, our PAT testing services ensure that your business is following all mandatory health and safety regulations and the code of practice issued by the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

We offer our PAT testing services to all types of businesses and our aim is to promote safe working environments all over Kent.

PAT Testing will also document evidence of safe working, highlight problem appliances, reduce the risk of injuries and legal claims and ensure your insurance stays valid.

Portable appliance testing is vital to protect your business and its employees.

Our policy is to provide you with a fast, reliable service.

What We Test

We will test any portable electrical equipment, IE: with a plug on it, we can do 230v, 110v & 3 Phase, soft bond for IT Equipment and microwave leak detection.

Portable Appliance Test (PAT testing) includes:

  1. Preliminary inspection
  2. Functional checks
  3. Earth continuity
  4. Insulation checks
  5. Load/Leak checks

The way your appliances are tested when having an electrical PAT test will vary depending on the class of the appliance. There are two types of classes that an appliance can be, these are Class I or Class II.

Appliance Testing

Each appliance is comprehensively tested to meet the exact requirements of the IEE code of practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. We use the latest computerised PAT testing equipment and are able to test all portable appliances in your company including - IT equipment, microwaves, 230v, 110V & 3 Phase. The inspection and testing will be carried out by a fully qualified electrical testing engineer.

Our PAT Test Specialist engineer will first inspect all electrical appliances. This includes all visual inspections. This is an important part of our PAT testing services.

The next step in our Pat Test is to test all of the electrical appliances individually. We will use some of the latest equipment availabl to do numerous tests which will tell us whether your appliance has passed or failed the test. A label will be placed on each of the plugs or the cable of the appliances which will state whether it is a pass or fail.

Once we have finished all of your portable appliance tests, you will then be issued with the appropriate documentation. This will include a full report and a test certificate. The report will give details of the inspection and state which appliances passed or failed and any repairs that were done.

All of your appliances will be labelled with a dated pass or a fail sticker. Once the tester has notified you about any hazards it is then your responsibility to have them remedied as PAT Testers are only required to carry out the testing and minor repairs on your premises.

Why choose us for your Portable Appliance Testing: